How Nanopositioning Software Is Helping To Find A Cure For Cancer

Millions of people die every year from cancer and many more develop new strains. Besides heart disease, it is responsible for more deaths than any other disease. However, powerful microscopes paired with nanopositioners are helping to blaze forth a path for a possible cure. Microscopy May Be The Future Of Cancer Research In the past, much of cancer research was focused on finding powerful drugs or radiation treatments that could kill the disease. Read More 

Why Do Hard Drives And SSDs Fail?

Hard drive, solid state drives (SSDs), and other types of storage can fail. They fail often enough to make multiple generations wary of trusting computers, as failures can happen in the middle of important papers, saving cherished memories, or getting really deep into a complex game. But why? Why make something so vital, yet so fragile? Here are a few details to help you understand what could go wrong with your storage media of choice, along with ways to recover what you lost while staying safer in the future. Read More 

Thinking About Starting An Online Business? Tips To Help Get You Started

If you have recently been thinking about starting an online business for yourself, you will have several decisions to make and factors to consider as you begin to build your business. In order to build a successful online-based business, you may need some tips to help you take care of the basics and get the process started. Get to know some of these tips so you can open your online business as soon as possible. Read More 

Biological Fogging Keeps Your Equipment Clean And Safe

Technological advances have made most machines and equipment easier to increase production while maintaining records of what was done and how the machines are operating. However, because of the sensitive electronics required to do this, keeping everything clean and free from bacteria is difficult. Most electronic parts cannot get wet or be moved (or vibrate) without causing damage to them. Mold and mildew on the parts can cause malfunctions, and any bacteria may breed and spread to workers in the area. Read More 

Answering Three Airplane Borescope Questions

Airplane engines are extremely complicated and powerful devices. Not surprisingly, it can be necessary to have a variety of diagnostic tools to be able to effectively perform repairs and maintenance. In particular, borescopes can be essential, but you may be unfamiliar with these tools if you have recently become a plane owner. What Is A Video Borescope? New airplane owners will often assume that any type of engine work or diagnostics will require much of the plane to be disassembled. Read More