Biological Fogging Keeps Your Equipment Clean And Safe

Technological advances have made most machines and equipment easier to increase production while maintaining records of what was done and how the machines are operating. However, because of the sensitive electronics required to do this, keeping everything clean and free from bacteria is difficult. Most electronic parts cannot get wet or be moved (or vibrate) without causing damage to them. Mold and mildew on the parts can cause malfunctions, and any bacteria may breed and spread to workers in the area. To keep your machines (even computers) clean and bacteria-free, biological fogging needs to be done regularly. Here is some information about the process:

Dry Cleaning

The cleaning agents used in biological fogging dry as soon as they land. There will be no wet residue left behind that need to be wiped off the equipment. They will instantly kill any mold, mildew, and bacteria spores on contact. Once dead, the spores will fall off the equipment, leaving them clean.

Gets into Small Spaces

Because it is a fog, it will float into small spaces. If a spore can get there, so can the fog. This means you will not have to open or disassemble any parts to get them clean. In addition, the air in the area will also be disinfected. If people in the area are experiencing headaches, respiratory problems, or other symptoms of disease, biological fogging may be the solution.

No Movement

The fog will not cause any movement or vibrations of the parts as it wafts through the air to do the cleansing. Even a disinfecting spray can cause jostling as the weight of the droplets hit a surface. You will not need to recalibrate anything once the treatment is complete.


The agents used in the process are not harmful to people or the environment. There are no toxins or chemicals used for the decontamination process. Anaerobes and microbes that will only kill viruses, bacteria, and spores are used instead. Walking through the room immediately after the spraying is not dangerous to anyone.  

Keep in mind that any virus or bacteria on your electronic equipment can travel to any product being produced. Food in a kitchen with electronic parts on the appliances, printed brochures or reports, cosmetic and beauty products, and anything else you may be producing in your business may all be contaminated and passed on to consumers. Biological fogging is the safest and most complete way to keep everything clean and safe while keeping your machines operating properly.

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