Answering Three Airplane Borescope Questions

Airplane engines are extremely complicated and powerful devices. Not surprisingly, it can be necessary to have a variety of diagnostic tools to be able to effectively perform repairs and maintenance. In particular, borescopes can be essential, but you may be unfamiliar with these tools if you have recently become a plane owner.

What Is A Video Borescope?

New airplane owners will often assume that any type of engine work or diagnostics will require much of the plane to be disassembled. However, this is not always the case when it comes to engine diagnostics. A video borescope is an extremely small camera that can be inserted into the engine. This device will either have a small screen on it or connect to a television or computer monitor so that the technician can see this video stream in real time. While this device will be unable to repair issues with the engine, it can allow a technician to know exactly where the problem is located, which can drastically reduce the time and work needed to complete the repair.

Why Would An Engine Need A Borescope Inspection?

It may seem like it will be obvious when an airplane engine is experiencing a problem. However, many of the problems that engines suffer will start as minor issues that gradually worsen. Considering the disastrous consequences that can occur if an airplane's engine fails, it is essential to catch these issues before they can create safety concerns. This can be done by having the interior of the engine evaluated with a video borescope as a part of the engine's maintenance schedule. Additionally, it can be beneficial to conduct this type of inspection when the engine is exhibiting signs of distress that are difficult to isolate to a particular component.

Should You Invest In Your Own Borescope?

As a new airplane owner, you will likely want to make a great effort to keep the plane in good condition. This may lead to you wanting to purchase some of the equipment that is needed to work on an airplane. However, you may want to avoid attempting to use a borescope on your plane if you do not have the training or experience to use these devices. An individual that is not trained with using a borescope can encounter problems, which may include the borescope becoming stuck or accidentally loosening components. As a result, you may want to leave this work to a professional airplane engine mechanic or invest in being trained in the use of these diagnostic tools. For more information, talk to a company such as USA Borescopes.