How to Use UV Lights to Disinfect Your Clinic

The traditional methods of disinfection often do not work for modern bacteria and viruses. As a result, the healthcare industry's disinfection technologies must be implemented at many healthcare facilities to make sure that staff members and patients remain safe. One of the most-effective tools used by the healthcare industry is UV light disinfection technologies.

Microbes Become Resistant to Treatments

One of the challenges that hospitals face when engaged in disinfection is that some microorganisms become resistant to antibodies. When they become drug-resistant, there are fewer options available when trying to target these microorganisms. Therefore, you'll need a new solution that pathogens are not able to develop resistance to.

UV Light Inactivates Microbes

When pathogens are exposed to UV light, the DNA and RNA become damaged and these bacteria become deactivated because they are no longer able to reproduce. The UV light can also be combined with white light so that you can meet all of your lighting needs. These UV disinfection solutions also come with safety features to prevent accidental exposure to UV light.

UV Lighting is Highly Convenient

UV light disinfection prevents pathogens from traveling through the air to spread from one patient to another. These technologies can be installed nearby ventilation and AC units to kill pathogens as they are being spread through your clinic.

Hospitals can reduce maintenance costs by using UV light disinfection technologies. The UV disinfection technology will reduce the number of bad odors that are circulated through the ventilation. The UV light system can be installed in a location that is difficult to reach so that the UV lights are continuously killing pathogens without the need to be manually clean. In some cases, it is simply impractical to wipe down a surface and to use liquids or chemicals to disinfect.

There are Many Options Available

If you need to have an entire room disinfected, this option is available. For example, if you will need to disinfect an isolation room or an ambulance, you can do this using UV disinfection technologies. There are also wall-mounted or portable options so you can disinfect whenever needed.

You will need to have a system installed that will meet your needs. The effectiveness of the UV light will be based on how close the pathogens are to the light source, the number of areas not exposed to the light in the room, the size of the room, and the airflow. Therefore, you will want to consult with a specialist before implementing these technologies.