Hosted Servers, Cloud Servers, & More : FAQs

Even if you are not the most tech-savvy business owner, running a business in today's modern world means that there are certain concepts it is best you understand on some level. If not, you can miss out on valuable service provisions because you don't know that it is something that your business could benefit from. Take a look at some common technology-related questions business owners tend to have about things like hosted servers, cloud servers, and other services and ideas. 

What is a hosted server?

A hosted server is hosted and managed by a third-party server supplier instead of you in your place of business. Instead of information being stored in an in-house server system, which has been the tradition for a long time, the information is sent to a server hosted by someone else. 

What is hosted software?

Hosted software is software that your business may rely on but is not necessarily installed in the hardware that you have on site. For example, if you are using a hosted software for your phone system, the processes that take place will happen on the hosted server and not on the dedication location servers that you have in your place of business. It is not uncommon for business owners to go with hosted software if they have specific security concerns that need to be closely monitored or if the software they are using is especially server space-consuming. 

What is the difference between host and a cloud?

The cloud is where actions take place. Think of it as an environment where several data processes are taking place in separate rooms or areas, so they are rightly protected from each other. A host, when speaking of server or data hosts, or dedicated servers that are off-site where business owners can store their data. There are also hosted cloud servers, which basically means dedicated servers in the cloud that are web-enabled and in place for use by specific clients. 

Are hosted servers more secure?

A lot of business owners do feel more secure with the data or software they use every day being hosted by a third-party server. The companies that provide these hosting services tend to have the utmost in security protocol in place to ensure every client's information is adequately protected. Because cybersecurity can fall on the wayside in some business settings, having hosted servers helps to elevate the security of the business's data.