A Guide On How To Sell Ipv4

When you are interested in diversifying your investments and embracing e-commerce at the same time, selling IP addresses will be useful to you. In this regard, an IPv4 address can be purchased on the private market, so you owe it to yourself to jump into the fray and start increasing revenue. This article will teach you a little bit more about how you can sell IPv4 and what you should know about it. With this in mind, read below and follow the tips below:

#1: Know your price points

If you are looking to sell IPv4, it starts with understanding the value that you provide. When you have your price points in mind, you will be better able to make some money by selling your IP address. The prices that you list might fluctuate based on the current trends. For instance, you can typically expect to sell IPv4 for between $11 and $19 per address. Since the market is hot, you can expect the prices to go up to as much as $30 per IPv4 address. You'll dictate the course of your business when you look into the prices first. From here, you'll be able to set up other financial matters, such as escrow transfers and the actual facilitation of the address transfer. 

#2: Stay up to date with trends in the IP address market

When it comes to making money selling IP addresses, you need to do the best research you can on a regular basis. Stay up to date with the current market and key in on the big changes that take place. For instance, a milestone event in the IPv4 market took place when Microsoft spent close to $8 million in addresses during a bankruptcy buyout. These matters trickle down to the entire industry and will affect the way you sell IPv4. 

#3: Have an eye toward the future

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, so you'll always need to be tuned in to future IPv4 market trends. Continuously expand your offerings to accommodate your customers. For instance, you might choose to offer temporary or exclusive rights when selling these addresses. Always know when to upgrade to the next level of IP address and understand what customers are looking for every step of the way. 

Follow the guidelines in this article so that you are able to sell your IPv4 addresses in a way that makes sense to you.